I used Calihan Catering for a surprise 80th birthday party for my husband. I cannot say enough great things about the entire experience of working with them. John Calihan was extremely helpful in planning the event and working through practical issues of the menu, budget and the logistics. The on-site team was fantastic, the food was terrific, and my guests had a wonderful experience. The company truly lived up to its long-standing reputation for great, imaginative food and superior service.
— Heidi S.
Thank you Calihan!!! My daughter’s wedding was at The Bridgeport Art Center. Everything was so perfect and so flawless!!! The service was beyond excellent!! The food was amazing! From the mini chicken pot pies, polenta with pulled pork and butternut squash pizzas, to the heirloom tomato caprese with brittle, then the short ribs with grits and finally the pies and cobblers. Everything was absolutely delicious. There were actual fights over the brittle and the caprese! I almost forgot the late night waffle station that made the entire room smell like cinnamon! The food was casual yet elegant which was exactly what I hoped for. Thank you!!
— Laura P.
Calihan Catering is the best wedding food ever, by far. They are truly exceptional. My husband and I had our wedding reception at Gallery 1028 in June and we still rave about the food – if they had a restaurant we would be there regularly! Serious food allergies were taken care of and the presentation was outstanding. Calihan goes above and beyond to make sure guests have great quality food and not the traditional banquet/wedding food. We were blown away!
— Alex B.
We had our wedding at Gallery 1028 in July and the venue was absolutely fantastic! The space is beautiful and the staff was very friendly and helpful throughout the entire planning process. We also worked with Calihan Catering, which owns Gallery 1028 and everything was phenomenal. Zach at Calihan was extremely helpful and the staff was willing to go above and beyond to make sure we had the perfect day. We have received numerous compliments from guests about the space and food!! Would highly recommend Gallery 1028 and Calihan
— Caitlin S.
Calihan Catering=TOP NOTCH! I wasn’t sure whether it was a good or bad thing that we had to go with Calihan due to choosing to have our reception at Gallery 1028, but it is a blessing to not have to decide on another vendor! Calihan Catering’s food and service is absolutely outstanding! We went to do our tasting with them way back in March, our wedding was in June, and now in August, we’re STILL raving about their food! Cate was the absolute BEST to work with! She was there to give me honest answers when I had serious questions about food choices or decor ideas and was extremely attentive to answering all of my frantic questions and emails leading up to our big day! Our guests loved the food and were extremely impressed with the service of the staff! I would HIGHLY recommend Calihan for any catering services!
— Kelsey D.
I worked with Nicole at Calihan - they were the exclusive caterers at our venue. My family and my guests were blown away by the quality of the food. They prepared stations for us that they had never done before, so it was incredibly unique. I come from a family of foodies, so they were very particular about what the menu would be, and Calihan was wonderful in working with us to develop a menu that was interesting, unique, and above all, delicious!
— Lauren
For our wedding at A New Leaf, we decided to go with Calihan Catering. We met with some other caterers, but Calihan’s food was by far the best tasting food we tried. On top of their food being delicious, it was also the most unique and different and that was really important to us. Also, since the groom is Australian, we wanted to incorporate Australian foods. Calihan went above and beyond and researched some Australian foods for us. They had never made sausage rolls or meat pies before, but they did their research and did an excellent job on them. Lee from Calihan was also very helpful. We knew nothing about weddings going into this and she guided us through all the little details. She also had great ideas on how to display our food for the wedding. Instead of doing a buffet at A New Leaf, she had the idea of doing three different stations with three different meals. Our guests really seemed to enjoy this. Most importantly, our guests raved about the taste of the food. They loved the unique idea of the deconstructed martini as one of the hors d’oeuvres all the way to the BBQ on the cheddar biscuit as one of the late night snacks. We highly recommend Calihan Catering.
— Paul M.
We found Calihan Catering through Gallery 1028 which we chose as our wedding venue. Calihan catering was truly extraordinary. The food is absolutely delicious, and the staff is exceptional. Zach Stevens was our account executive and was wonderful to work with. Zach was extremely responsive to emails and phone calls and was very accommodating. When we went in for our food tasting we were blown away with how delicious all the food was. There was truly not one thing at our tasting that we did not like. Zach was great helping us narrow down a menu for our wedding and was even able to mix and match a few of the meals to create the perfect dinner menu for our guest. When we expressed to Zach that we wanted to have a signature drink he didn’t hesitate to offer some suggestions. He even provided a few recommended signature drinks for us to try at our tasting. When it came to food allergies Calihan had no problem accommodating guest with allergies. The staff did a fantastic job serving all guest at the same time and making sure all guest was satisfied. We were blown away by the exceptional service Calihan provided. From the minute cocktail hour started Calihan did an amazing job serving our guest appetizers and cocktails while flipping the ceremony space into a beautiful reception area. We received so many compliments from our guest on how delicious the food was and the excellent service Calihan provided. Over all experience was truly exceptional. Gallery 1028 and Calihan Catering did an outstanding job to make sure we had the wedding of our dreams.
— Heather W.