Party Timelines: Save some $ on your event

Having a plan for your event can help save time & money.  Who doesn't want that?  It will also help all your vendors stay on track the day of your event.  Hosting any event means organizing a lot of people.  Having a solid plan lets your vendors manage the crowd in the best way possible.  It also makes sure that all of the vendors have appropriate hours on their quotes, so that you aren’t surprised after the event that the photographer worked for 5 hours more than they had proposed.

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What will this COST???

You’ve just gotten engaged & are trying to figure out how much a wedding is going to cost.  You call up a vendor, ask for a quote for a “party”.  (You’ve heard that wedding packages are more expensive, so you want to see what they will say without sharing the information.)  Instead of a quick number, you get, let me get a sales representative, or; I’ll need to ask you a couple more questions.

 Ahhhhh.  Just tell me what it’s going to cost!

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