Summertime in the City!

The season to enjoy the outdoors in Chicago is here.  This summer, make sure you double-check the event schedule in Chicago to make sure that no large events conflict with your special event.  If it does, don't distress.  Here are some tips on making sure your event is a success regardless of what's going on around you in the city!

1.  Check out the planned city events.  Here is a great link to the festivals of Chicago.  The City of Chicago also puts out a neighborhood festival schedule, broken down by date, depending upon what permit's they have signed off on -

2.  Make sure your timeline doesn't interact with an event, & if it does, have a plan.  Typically some of these events can make traffic heavier, so allow enough time for transportation to and from the event location.  Also - if you're getting married & are thinking of taking photos around town, make sure you allow enough time to leisurely take the shots you need!

3.  Email your guests & vendors if there might be a conflict, to let them know as soon as possible & suggest alternative routes, or suggest leaving more time than necessary!

4.  Incorporate the festival into your event!  If your wedding reception falls in the middle of Reggae Fest consider incorporating some Bob Marley into your playlists at the rehearsal dinner!  Guests will LOVE feeling like they are a part of it! 

Don't let all that happens in Chicago get you stressed out.  The city is a fantastic resource of events all year long, especially in the summertime.  Embrace all of the fun that goes along with summer Festival culture!