Want Your Wedding Published?

Here are some tricks to make that more likely.  You’ve worked for a year plus on creating the special day.  You selected vendors that saw your vision & LOVED how it turned out.  Then you got the photos back and were like, damn, I look fantastic.  You want to share your day with the world.  This is a task that should be doable & with a little organization, will be met with success.


First – identify the blog / publications that you would like to see your wedding published on.  Check on their rules, application dates & what they need to make sure that you are sending the right things to the right people.


Make sure all of the contact information is included with the submission:  Name of bride, groom, where & when a wedding took place & the name of the photographer.  Make sure you check with the photographer to get the OK to submit photographs!  Typically publications prefer a really clearly labeled disk with all the contact info on it with a short cover letter.  Some publications like it submitted a certain way, so make sure to check to see fit there are any instructions & follow them!


Submit lots of pictures (typically 100 – 150 (MAXIMUM) of the best images) & not just of the bride and groom.  Make sure to include detail shots of the tables, shots of the locations, unique anything at all – table tops, floral, desserts, menu items, flatware, stationary, etc.  Usually photographs will be inspiration for other brides & grooms, so keep it as interesting & varied as possible.

            If you’re thinking prior to the wedding you want to submit – make sure to bring your stationary to the photographer for shooting that day.  Keep all color palletes as similar as possible & let your photographer know that you would like to submit photographs, so that they can allow enough time to catch everything that they need.


Have your photographer or planner submit to the publication if they have successfully submitted parties before.  Unless you have a relationship with the editor, it can be best to have a vendor submit the information, especially if they have a relationship with the blog / publication.


Submit the information to “wedding editor” so that everyone knows whose desk to put it on!


Just remember that your wedding was fantastic & you, your friends and family loved it, and that is all that matters.  Any additional press is just gravy!