Host the Most Successful Fundraiser!

Want to Host a Fantastic Fundraiser?

Here are our tips from almost 30 years of catering fundraising events on how to get the most for your organization. 


Pick the Right Location!

A wise woman once said – if you’re raising funds for a specific place – show the people what you NEED.  Don’t host the fundraiser at a fancy hotel if you need a new roof for your building – instead, throw the fundraiser inside of your space with lights highlighting the holes in the roof to increase the urgency of the problem.  Show your donors & guests the need & let them crowd source a solution at the event.


Meals Should Match the Ticket Price

Not every event should have tenderloin, but if you are throwing a black tie event that people have paid hundreds of dollars a seat, there will be an expectation of a multi-course event with a lovely first course & entrée.  If this is a $25 / entrée – then cheese & crackers it is!


Keep Your Auction Small, Live & Incredible

Arranging for auction items takes time & effort & can sometimes lead to lackluster numbers.  If you keep your auction items limited & amazing & offer them during entrée service (when people have had enough time to drink wine!) you will be surprised at how much you can raise with a couple of items.  Spend your time and the donated time of your volunteers getting items that raise lots of bucks & this technique really can work.


Offer Multiple Ways to Donate at Many Levels

Auctions aren’t the only way to raise funds & having options for donors of all levels will up the dollars you collect at your next event.  Popular techniques are raffles offered upon entering & during the cocktail hour.  Give away light up rings with every $40 donation going to …… insert a specific item you need here. This shows everyone at the party that you  donated to the raffle.  Plus once guests have had a glass o wine, everyone will want that ring that lights up!  Paddle raises (aka. public pledges) for a specific cause, during dinner are another fantastic way to encourage people to donate (because everyone at the event is noticing who is giving) at different levels.  There is a great article here on how to paddle raise most effectively, if you are looking for some more info.  (


These are our overarching tips for fundraising successfully at your next event.  Next article we will talk about the logistics of the fundraiser.  See you then!