Staying In this Valentine's Day?

While we here at Calihan Catering always think any occasion is the right time for throwing a party - sometimes you need to be a little quieter with your special someone.  It can be a very busy night to dine at a restaurant & staying in can be the most romantic way to spend Valentine's day.  Here are some suggestions for amping up the romance this year!

Set the mood of the evening.  Plan on having dinner at the dining room table.  Pull out the "good china", or set a table with care.  Use candles!  Soft lighting does a lot to set a mood.  Use a cloth napkin, set the table completely.  Flowers on the table area always a nice touch.  Have a record player somewhere? - if so, grab it & set it up for some mood music with dinner.

Plan out the menu well before the day of.  Pick a cocktail to pair with the evening, or try a Rose Wine - it's pink & delicious.  Pick a menu item that doesn't need a ton of clean up & isn't too heavy.  Oysters are the "go to" starter for this meal (did you know that they are considered aphrodisiacs because they can transition from male to female and back again? - science) but another awesome starter is an artichoke or spinach (rich in magnesium which increases blood flow).  Red meat can help with iron deficiency (which can contribute to lowered drive), so a grass fed steak is a great option or a fatty fish, such as salmon can increase dopamine & get the good vibes flowing.  

Obviously - the dessert choice is clear - something chocolate!

Calihan Catering's Cocktail Suggestion:

The Sidecar

1&1/2 oz VSOP Cognac

1/2 oz Gran Marnier

1/3 oz fresh squeezed lemon

Fill a shaker full of ice.  Add everything & shake it up.  Strain into a coupe glass & if you want to make it even sweeter for your sweetie - sugar the rim & serve with a cherry for garnish.  It will be a fun pairing for any dinner.