Week 5: Why Wait to Celebrate?

There are lots of "to do's" when you get engaged.  For the last month, we have been feeding you information on all the decisions you have to make.  The upside to all of this planning is that you get to have a serious bash to celebrate.  Second best thing, your friends may also want to celebrate that you even got engaged!  Whoooo hoooo; time to party.

Here's the 411 on the party scene...

Engagement parties are typically cocktail affairs.  Not to say that they can't be a dinner, or a breakfast (I think brunch is such a fun way to entertain), but usually they are cocktails.  Keep it simple – some great hors d’oeuvres set out or passed & a fantastic drink with some wine and beer make it easy to throw & easy for guests to have a good time. 

Typically parents throw this party, but we are seeing couples throw their own engagement bash.  Make sure you give your guests at least 1 months notice for the event.  There is no need to create formal invites for this event.  It can be as fancy or casual as whoever is hosting the party- you may want to consider picking a theme, just to give everyone a pin-point on what to expect. 

A theme is also a great way to incorporate some sort of game or ice-breaker.  Maybe a fun “who knows the couple best” type of game?  This party can be one of the first times that your friends & families are mixing, so make sure you tailor the event to how well everyone knows each other!

Gifts aren’t expected at an engagement party, but if you are planning on registering, it’s always good to do that early on, so that if your generous friends and family want to gift you something, they know what to send.

Most Importantly:  Enjoy celebrating this decision with your friends and family. 


If you are thinking of hiring help, give us a call.  We can help to create a fun party that suits the evening & ensures that all your guests & the hosts, have a great time.