Congrats, you're engaged.... now what???


Take some time to be excited.  Tell your family & friends.  Just be engaged for a moment or two.... or weeks / months or two.  You have the rest of your life together, do not rush this.

Ok - that didn't take?

Are you already freaking out on what you should be doing?  Have you put off the planning for a while because it seems overwhelming?

Here are a couple of first steps that will get you started without going into wedding-worry overdrive.

Step 1.  Talk with your fiancé or any parents that might be involved to decide on what you are comfortable spending to celebrate your wedding.  This could be a couple hundred dollars, which means, you are headed to the city court & a fancy dinner to celebrate, or could be a considerable amount - in which case - party on.

Step 2.  Decide who you would like to be involved in the your wedding.  In a perfect world, who would be there while you commit to spending the rest of your life with the person you love??  

Step 3.  Dream It.  Sit down with your fiancé and envision what you want your wedding to look like.  Helpful hint, do this somewhere neutral & relaxing.  Have some tea, or some wine / beer, and just enjoy talking about it.  Here are some questions to get you started....

                Will you be saying your vows in a church, outside, on a beach or somewhere else?  

                Are you in a city, a small town, a farm or vineyard, or a cultural institution?

                What time of day will you be getting married?  What time of year?  

                What are you wearing?  Are there people standing next to you, who are they?  What are they wearing?

                How do you see celebrating after? Is it a small intimate dinner, a giant party - are people sitting down or full on raging - or maybe just stopping by your house for cake & champagne?

                Will you be staying in the same place after the wedding?  Is your family there?  

                Do you imagine taking a honeymoon somewhere else?  

Dream it ALL Out.

There you have it.  You now have the frame work for you wedding.  

Stay tuned for more tips & "how to's" as we walk you through the process of getting married!