Week 4: How to pick your vendors...

There are lots of choices when it comes to planning your wedding.  Here are some questions & steps to consider when deciding which professional you should work with.

Did you like working with them?  You spend a lot of time with a lot of your vendors, especially with vendors such as photographers (they are going to see you in your skivvies!).  If you hated being around them, it’s probably not a right fit.  While you don’t have to LOVE every vendor, you do have to feel like you can work with him & make sure that they are listening to what you want.  They also should be giving you not all of the answers you want to hear, but if you feel comfortable communicating & asking all of your questions, you will enjoy this working relationship!

Can they work with your budget?  Do your homework and make sure you know how much you can allocate for each vendor.  Then make sure that this matching up with what the vendor charges.  Remember to ask questions if you have them!

Do they get your style?  Make sure that you explain what you are looking for.  If there are some photographs of your vision, bring them to your meeting.  Don’t overwhelm them with photos, but if there is something specific you are looking for, bring a visual.  Then make sure that they can recreate or rework what you are looking to do. 

Get a written contract.  This should show everything you spoke about with written commitments on timing, etc.  If there was something specific that you want, make sure that it is mentioned in writing.  This ensures that there is clarity for you as to what was promised for the price & clarity for the vendor as to when payments, guest count, & other details are due to them.


There you go!  You will have an easy wedding planning process with vendors you want to work with, who get you & who you are clear about your expectations.  Happy Wedding!