Week 2 Engagement Series….

I read last week's article & completed the 3 first steps!  Awesome!  You are well on your way to having a plan for your wedding!  (If you haven’t seen last week’s post.  Please stop reading & go back to Week 1 – “congrats, you’re engaged….now what???”).  The article lays out 3 first steps that we recommend you take before anything else.  It involves figuring out how much you want to spend, where in a perfect world you envision getting married & who you want to surround yourself with, budget, vision & rough guest count.

This information is VITAL to pretty much all of your decisions.  It is also extremely useful to all of your vendors.  Using this roadmap you should sketch out & start to gather information on the following first:


Location & Dates available for ceremony:  you’ve talked with your fiancé about the dream, now it’s time to make it a reality, or start doing some internet research.  Questions to Ask:  availability, costs, timing & any preferred or exclusive vendors.  Start a spreadsheet & internet away!


Location & Dates available for the party:  Will this be at the ceremony location or someplace different?  Questions to Ask:  availability, average costs, typical timing & any vendors you have to use! Other things to think about:  How will guests get from ceremony to reception?


You probably have out of town guests coming in.  Chicago is a busy city, so it’s best to find a home base & reserve a room block as soon as possible, to ensure reasonable pricing & availability for your guests!


Often photographers are one-man shows, which means 1 event a day, or sometimes even 1 a weekend.  If there is a photographer that you LOVE – you should start to see their availability.  


All right.  That’s a lot to do, I know & it can be overwhelming.  If you don’t want to start figuring out all of the details – now is a great time to call a full service wedding & event planner.  They can take your vision & really give it direction.  They will need week one’s info.  For recommendations for some of our favorite vendors, please give us a call!