Quit the Hang Over & party through the season.

I know – that’s almost an impossible quest during this season, but here are some techniques to keep your head from hurting while partying down during the next couple of weeks.

Rotate a water / sparkling water into the mix.  This seems like a silly basic, but make a rule that every other drink has to be a hydrating water or sparkling water.  Sparkling water with a lime looks like you are imbibing and keeps you from drinking too quickly.  This rule will make you feel much, much better the next morn.

Pick a drink and stay with it.  Again, these are basics – there are definitely a couple of limericks for this that you probably learned before college, but instead of liquor before beer, what about just stick with the one drink?  If you have to go to multiple events, or be out for a long period of time, pick something simple, white wine, to sip on all night. 

Don’t forget to have dinner.  If you are going straight from work to an event (or partying earlier in the day) you can forget to have dinner.  Take a break and eat something substantial.  Drinking your calories ensures that your head will hurt tomorrow.  Having something to eat will slow down the alcohol from reaching your blood stream, which will keep you from getting too intoxicated.

Take an “aspirin” before heading to bed.  Make sure to avoid acetaminophen (Tylenol), as it can cause liver damage.

Too Late?  Here are some AM suggestions to ease the pain.

Eat some carbohydrates in the morning.  Have some bread with your eggs, or a slice of pizza.  This will raise your blood sugar levels, which can be low, increasing irritability and sluggishness since your liver is busy metabolizing the booze!

Exercise.  Although you won’t “sweat out” the booze, sometimes raising your endorphin levels can increase your mood & make you feel better about drinking last night.

DRINK WATER.  Rehydrate. 

Have fun this season – remember to be responsible about your alcohol.  Obviously – NEVER drink and drive – Uber yourself home.  And here is a stat to sober you up – your body metabolizes each beer, or glass of wine, or shot in 60 – 75 minutes so Slow Down!