How Does Our Garden Grow?

So, here at Calihan, we tend to be a little snobby about produce.  We love using the best ingredients we can get our hands on.  Recently, we have upped the ante on fresh & local.


Our newest adventure, run by Mary Lee Calihan (aka mom), is now producing its own food for use at Calihan Catering.  How cool is that?  We are growing our own micro greens, herbs, vegetables & fruits.  Not only does this provide the freshest of produce, it also gives our team a chance to dig around in the dirt.  

Farm News:  The farm is harvesting these days - lots of tomatoes & cucumbers.  We are also busy planting.  We have lettuce and radishes being planted now, along with 45-day beets.  These should be up in time for a fall event at one of our accounts (if nature cooperates!).  Garlic is going in before the frost for an early spring harvest.

Stay tuned for more farm news & updates as we grow our operation & add to our farm.  We are looking for bee keepers outfits, with bow ties, for John & Nash!