How to tie a bow tie!

John & Nash Calihan have been wearing bow ties since birth.  


They are a signature style around Calihan Catering, and have been from “The Preppy Handbook's" first volume.  They are a staple of the Calihan look & indicate a style that is entwined with entertaining.  Things feel more like a party if someone is wearing a bow tie.

 Here are Nash’s tips for bow tie wearing…

Watch a u-tube, pour a glass of scotch & practice.  Don't try to whip out a bow tie 10 minutes before walking out the door.  

If you have a dad, uncle, grandfather who rocks the bow tie - ask them for a tutorial.  It will feel strange, but once you tie a couple of successful bows - it will be a breeze.

If you need a visual aid – we love LOVE the Art of Manliness’s video on how to tie a bow tie.  It’s a great go to if you’re in a pickle.