How to mix a really good martini.

The classic martini is stirred, NOT shaken.  Thanks James Bond!  You aren’t an international spy, so try it the classic way.  You will like it.  The biggest difference is that stirring a cocktail keeps it colder and less diluted.  You get more booze per sip that way.  Who doesn’t like that? 

The other biggest note:  DRINK GIN!  The classic martini is a gin cocktail.  It is gin / vermouth with a lemon twist.  It’s stirred and meant to be drunk in 4 wonderful sips - Cold, delicious & classic.  The nicer quality the liquor used, the more delightful – this is not the cocktail to call a well on. 

Recipe:  Classic Martini

1 part dry vermouth:  Use Dolin’s Vermoth to make it classic

4-5 parts Gin:  Think dry London Gin; or mix it up with a new favorite:  Ford’s Gin

Lemon twist (mix it up with a blue cheese stuffed olive or gibson’s onion)

stirred in a crystal decanter (or other mixing glass) – with a bartender’s spoon (or straw or chopstick) & served “up” in a martini glass.


Now you can be a total liquor snob:  ENJOY!