Party Timelines: Save some $ on your event

Having a plan for your event can help save time & money.  Who doesn't want that?  It will also help all your vendors stay on track the day of your event.  Hosting any event means organizing a lot of people.  Having a solid plan lets your vendors manage the crowd in the best way possible.  It also makes sure that all of the vendors have appropriate hours on their quotes, so that you aren’t surprised after the event that the photographer worked for 5 hours more than they had proposed.

Here are some questions to start putting the time-line together:

What time are people invited for?  Make sure you "pad" this time a bit, as people run late!  If you're time-lining for a wedding, make sure you allow 15 minutes from the printed start time, to the actual start time.

Is everything in one place?  If not, make sure you leave room (and have a plan) for transportation between venues.  It always takes longer than you think.

What time would you like people to leave?  You don't have to tell people this, but make sure you and your vendors have an idea of when the event wraps up.

Who is involved with each activity – i.e. are bridesmaids having hair and makeup done with you or on their own?  It helps to make sure you notate who else needs to be where on this timeline. 

What time of year is it?  Sunset timing changes widely depending on season.  Make sure that you look this number up, as it affects photo opportunities!

 Sample Wedding Timeline

We have put together a sample wedding timeline for you to use as a template.  We suggest making this into a Google document so that you can share it with necessary vendors & family.  You can also control who can edit it (a day of planner; your mom, etc) and who can just view it (the florist).  The more information you keep here the more useful it will be.  Please put contact information for venue / vendors, etc on it.  This way, if the cake is late in being delivered, the on site team can just call over to the bakery instead of bothering you while you get your makeup and hair done!

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