Corporate Contract Services

Our Mission

We believe in creating partnerships with our customers based on integrity, trust and commitment.  Our business goal is to more than just a vendor; we want to be a true business partner and an integral part of your team. 

·       Corporate Accounts

·       Executive Dining

·       Café Management and Restaurants

·       Pantry Programs, Coffee Kiosks and Beverage Services

·       Vending Services and Equipment Services

·       Kitchen and Servery Design Layout and Consulting Services

   Our Standards

We Believe in Real Food

We are committed to sourcing the highest quality fresh food to create our menus and meals.  We source our locally and customize our food purchases according to customer needs whether its choice of organic, grass fed, all natural of conventional foods.  Here are some of our high standards in purchasing:

·       Local and organic fresh produce purchased from farmers within our accounts’ food shed

·       Hormone-free milk, dairy and cheese products

·       Cage-free eggs that are Certified Humane and fed a natural vegetarian diet

·       Hormone and antibiotic-free sustainably farmed, free range turkey and chicken 

·       Beef is 100% grass-fed with vegetarian and GMO-free feed, hormone and antibiotic-free

·       Fresh herbs and spices are used to enhance nutritional value and flavor of our foods

·       Products that are MSG and Tran Fat free

·       Fresh fish and seafood is purchased following the guidelines established by the Seafood Watch albacore tuna is water packed and dolphin-safe  

·       Vegan and vegetarian selections are offered daily. This includes a full selection of non-meat protein sources such as tofu, tempeh, nuts, and legumes

·       Salad dressing, salsas, soups and sauces are house-made and contain no processed or frozen products

·       French fries and mashed potatoes are made using only fresh potatoes

·       A wide selection of muffins, whole grain breads, cookies and cakes are freshly baked

·       A selection of fully organic, fair, trade, shade grown coffee and teas 


We Bring Quality to the Table

When you’re with Calihan Contract Services, your benefit from a partner who expertly and consistently provides:

·       A customized, upscale restaurant experience for your employees and clients

·       Food comes to work for you

·       Delicious, healthy menu offerings that reflect a wide variety of tastes, and incorporate current food trends

·       Nourishing meals based on a wellness program we create together

·       Educational programs that feature the latest nutrition and health information to help your employees get and stay healthy

·       An inviting and airy corporate dining environment designed to encourage social interaction and facilitate collaboration

·       Premier special events and catering experience

·       Commitment to sustainable best practices that support our environment

·       The highest industry standards for food safety


Every Meal and Exciting New Experience

We have a passion for food and collaboration.  Our success is based on our ability to shape our services to create the best solutions to fit your needs.  Throughout our long-standing partnerships, constant program innovation is one of our hallmarks.

·       Our commitment to excellence requires that we willingly stretch our creativity and are always on the lookout for ways to enhance and improve our service to you.

·       Calihan Contract Services has nearly a half-century of experience in high-end corporate dining, creating delicious, healthful meals that fuel and sparky creativity.

·       We promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that your healthy dining and lifestyle program is a major perk for employees and a significant benefit to your organization.



Value without Compromise

Calihan Contract Services is a fiscally responsible company.  Since it’s infancy, we have consciously maintained a uniform growth rate to ensure financial stability, while expanding to meet our clients’ changing needs.

Because of our humble beginnings, we understand the value of a dollar.  We constantly strive to pass along the best deals to our clients while maintaining the highest standards for quality.

For the past several years, our strategic emphasis has been to lead the industry sales maximization and cost reduction.  We accomplish this through a commitment to marketing and merchandising programs, and consistent productivity measurements.


Local Awareness, Global Vision

We are also aware of our role as a responsible corporate citizen.  Becoming familiar with our communities and supporting local economies have always been important for us to further our responsibility and commitment to our clients.

As shifts in the global economy create new challenges for us all, Calihan Contract Services remains steadiest in our dedication to the highest-quality ingredients, food safety practices and nutritional considerations while being sensitive to providing good value to our clients and managing our resources responsibly.

Health and Wellness

Caring for Our Customers

As awareness of the correlation between diet and health grows, Americans are becoming mindful about the food they eat. 

Wellness Programs

Calihan Contract Services will work with you to develop a program to meet your wellness goals and support healthy eating practices for your employees.  Our hope is that customers are inspired by their experiences at work and continue to make healthier choices outside the office.

What We Do

·       Provide your company with an on-site employee restaurant offering healthy, energy-sustaining meals and snacks

·       Offer user –friendly nutrition information to help customers identify healthy options when making menu decisions

·       Provide education opportunities and tools that reinforce healthy lifestyles such as our Lunch and Learn seminars and nutrition counseling with a Registered Dietitian

·       Integrate food and nutrition with other wellness teams to increase employee health

·       Provide an “Ask Your Wellness Expert” email link for employees to submit nutrition, health and wellness questions and get a response from one of our nutrition experts. 



An Emphasis on Good Nutrition

Great food that’s great for you.  Our Dietary partner concerns with our chefs is to provide our customers with delicious and healthful options every day.  Our high-quality ingredients and scratch cooking methods allow us to bring-out the amazing flavors of fresh produce and lean proteins making the healthy entrees we offer some of the most attractive options in our cafés.

We Focus on Wellness

Wellness is part of our culture.  We guide our customers towards healthful options by identifying healthy menu items and offering nutrition information.  Some of our accounts meet the standards necessary to achieve US Healthy Food Council’s REAL certifications.  Customers with specialty dietary needs are welcomed – our staff is happy to make accommodations. 

Let Us Partner With You

Beyond our Café, we offer an array of nutrition education programs because we believe an informed customer is empowered to make healthier, nourishing choices.  We also partner with your onsite wellness and fitness team to support health fairs and other wellness events

Behind the Scenes

Our Dietary concerns and communicating about nutrition and wellness information to our staff is the forefront of our mission.  Whether its identifying healthy food options or offering articles on relevant health topics, we work to bring awareness to wellness.  By keeping our staff updated, we are able to assist our customers in their health and wellness goals.

Our Menu

Everything You Love, Some Things You Didn’t Know You Would Love

Calihan Contract Service’s basic principle of menu planning begins with its clients.  Our Managers and Chefs are empowered at the site level to adjust menus to reflect regional and site specific preferences.  This aspect of our menu process is a unique Calihan Contract Services policy not common within the field of corporate dining.

Menus to think about

Our menus are designed to be nutritionally balanced and feature an exciting variety of today’s most popular styles of healthy eating.

·       Meals are prepared fresh each day “from scratch” and using such nutritional cooking practices as braising, broiling, roasting, steaming and poaching.  This philosophy is combined with batch preparation methods to ensure freshness

·       We adhere to lifestyles appropriate portion sizes

·       We feature fresh seasonal ingredients and emphasize the use of local, natural and organic food.  Authentic recipes are followed to ensure both consistency in flavor and the nutritional content of foods

·       In order to preserve the freshness, flavor and nutritional value; we roast all of the meats daily for all of our deli bars, entrees, and catered events.


Our chefs are constantly on the lookout for food trends that will engage and delight our customers.  Calihan Contract Services offers a variety of menus, ethnic food, seasonal menus, and special occasion food.  We do not utilize cycle menus.


Business Food Is Good Business

Good Food is Good Business

The most frequent and important compliment we hear from our catered guests is that our service and food – from flavor to presentation – was a highlight of the event.  We welcome the opportunity to host all of the special functions that you sponsor throughout the year.

Our Calihan Contract Service staff will happily provide the utmost professional and customized service for all of your catering needs.  We offer a limitless selection of catering options and a seasoned team to manage all your needs.

Whether it is an executive function of six or a buffet for six hundred, our catering manager and executive chef are at your disposal to create a special culinary experience, flavor explosion or themed event.  We offer any style of service from causal to elegant and we adapt at working with you to ensure your event is successful. 

Research has shown that a healthy diet and good nutrition can:

Promote weight management and reduce the risk of obesity.
Reduce the risk of developing high cholesterol, or reduce cholesterol in those who already have high cholesterol.
Reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and
reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure or reduce blood pressure in those who already have high blood pressure.
— CDC Website
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